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Meet Dani Rei

Dani Rei is a collaborative and encouraging monologue coach. She studied Acting, Directing and Playwriting at Cornish College of the Arts. She has sat in on and run hundreds of auditions. She has been a part of auditions for a college conservatory style program and knows what the auditors need to see to get you cast! Dani is the creator of the Next Canon Podcast, where she and her guests discuss how to make the American Theatre Canon more accessible and better suited to the current and future American Theatre community.

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"Dani Rei was the confidence booster I needed to feel like I knew my monologues inside and out. Each question she asked Highlighted a new aspect of the scene that I hadn't thought of before. She established that each session, while fun and comfortable, was productive and satisfactory."

Monika E.


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If you’re looking to make a Fierce First Impression and Own Your Audition I will help you take your monologue from read off the page to CENTER STAGE! 

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Next Canon Podcast

Because theater needs to join the 21st century

The Next Canon Podcast is tackling the tough questions. Why are there such problematic shows in the theatre canon? What shows can we go without seeing for the next 50 years and what shows truly deserve to represent our modern community as the NEXT CANON!

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on the Next Canon Podcast

Wooooo B*tch It’s a PLAY!!!

Next canon Season 3 episode 7 Wooooo B*tch It's A PLAY! Featuring Nicholas Bernard Welcome to Season 3 Episode 7 of the Next Canon Podcast! Today Nicolas and I talk about planning the most RADICAL production of ANNIE! and it’s barely radical at all! We talk about some...

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Do You Want To Perpetuate Harm… Or Humanity?

Next canon Season 3 episode 6 Do You Want To Perpetuate Harm... Or Humanity? Featuring Annelih GH Hamilton Welcome to Season 3 Episode 6 of the Next Canon Podcast! Today Annelih and I talk about some of our Absolute FAVORITE Philippino/a/x Theatre Makers who are...

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