My Story

I am an Audition Coach

Dani Rei is a collaborative and encouraging coach. She has a BFA in Acting, Directing and Playwriting from Cornish College of the Arts. She has sat in on and run hundreds of auditions. She has been a part of casting decisions for a college conservatory style program as well as childrens theatre shows. She knows what the auditors need to see to get you cast!

Dani is passionate about helping actors of all ages audition with confidence and feel empowered to follow their dreams and live their lives to the fullest.

Dani is the creator of the Next Canon Podcast, where she and her guests discuss how to make the American Theatre Canon more accessible and better suited to the current and future American Theatre community.

Fun Facts

I am a DIY Queen

I love to create and sew new items of clothing for my closet including this shirt!

I don't have my ears pierced!

I am scared of needles but I am planning to get my ears pierced this year!

I have only lived in the PNW

I love the mountains and the trees  so much, I would miss them terribly if I ever leave.

Free Gift

Your Fierce First Impression Checklist

This checklist and its corresponding worksheet will prepare you for your audition. Encouraging and reminding you that you are ready to Own Your Audition!